75th Anniversary Year of Giving

Year of Giving grant #7, Shine On Madison, shines a light on on Capitol Square and State Street.

To mark its 75th Anniversary Madison Community Foundation is awarding 12 major gifts to the community totaling nearly $1 million through May 2018.

The nonprofit recipients of each grant, announced monthly, are chosen to reflect many of the Madison area’s most unique natural and cultural assets.

"Our community is home to so many unique features that are important to our quality of life," says MCF President Bob Sorge. "Together with our donors, we’re thrilled to support and celebrate these community treasures."

As each grant is announced we will update the listings below to provide a description of the project, and we’ll share events and news on social media.

Year of Giving Grants

Evolution Madison

This grant provides funds for a feasibility study to move the Nolen Waterfront project forward, as well as an art exhibit that explores dreams about Madison’s future with the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. Read More

Back to the Beach

Clean Lakes Alliance and Madison Community Foundation team up to reimagine Madison's beaches. This program will spark community interest and input on lakeside parks and beach conditions with a comprehensive report, contests and events. Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Capitol Century
Capitol Century

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of one of Madison's most unique and loved assets—the state Capitol. MCF celebrates the occasion with three grants to three community gems.  Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Beyond the Bubbler
Beyond the Bubbler

Madison Community Foundation along with Madison Public Library and The Bubbler announce Beyond the Bubbler, a major initiative to provide unique learning experiences for youth who attend Madison-area neighborhood and community centers.  Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents I Am Madison
I Am Madison

Madison Community Foundation and Madison365 announce the launch of I Am Madison, a paid internship program that will offer 26 young journalists of color the opportunity to engage and chronicle their communities through multimedia storytelling.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents First Nations Heritage Tour
First Nations Heritage Tour

Madison Community Foundation announces a $65,000 grant to the Office of American Indian Curriculum Services at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education to establish new Native American heritage sites across the city.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Shine On Madison
Shine On Madison

Madison Community Foundation announces a $65,000 grant to launch Shine On Madison, the first annual seasonal lighting celebration for Downtown Madison, from November 18 – January 7.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Mad About Bikes
Mad About Bikes

Madison Community Foundation announces Mad About Bikes celebrating Madison’s vibrant biking culture and increasing bicycling access and opportunities for everyone.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Amplify Madison
Amplify Madison

Madison Community Foundation announces a $75,000 grant called Amplify Madison, a collaborative project to build skills, voice, and visibility for women working in the Madison region’s thriving nonprofit community.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Phoenix from the Ashes
Phoenix from the Ashes

Madison Community Foundation announces a $75,000 grant titled Phoenix from the Ashes, a unique partnership with Madison Parks Department, Madison Arts Commission, and Wisconsin Urban Wood to reclaim ash trees decimated by emerald ash borer infestation.   Read More

MCF Year of Giving Presents Penn Park Pride
Penn Park Pride

Madison Community Foundation announces a $70,000 grant to support the revitalization of Penn Park. The grant will fund recreation equipment and an exciting variety of community engagement activities that complement the city of Madison’s major renovation of the shelter and concession/restroom building, parking lot, and other site improvements.   Read More

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Bringing People Together

Throughout the 75th anniversary and beyond, MCF will continue to do what it’s done for decades – bring people together to give gifts and create legacies for the community they love. These will strengthen our community today, tomorrow and for generations to come. 

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