MCF Staff

Past Board of Governors

Madison Community Foundation is honored and grateful to have benefitted by the extraordinary vision and commitment of many civic and business leaders who volunteered their time and talents on behalf of MCF donors, fundholders and the community at large. We are proud to recognize them here.

Past Board Member George Nelson and wife, Judy

Diane Ballweg, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Jonathan B. Barry

Darrell Bazzell, Fundholder

John Becker*

Holly Cremer Berkenstadt, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Daniel O. Bernstine*

James D. Blanchard

Thomas E. Bolger, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

John A. Bolz

Jerry Frautschi, Martha Vukelich-Austin, Tom Terry

James R. Bradley, Fundholder

Walter S. Brager*

Bob Brennan, Legacy Society member

Carl Brice*

Marvin Brickson*

Stephen D. Brown

James E. Burgess, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Joan A. Burke, Fundholder

Terry Haller and Carol Toussaint

Mary P. Burke, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Dr. Frank Byrne, Fundholder

Jim Cavanaugh

Craig J. Christianson, Fundholder

Robert Ames Cooper*

Dr. Jack E. Daniels III

Bill DeAtley, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Beth Donley, Fundholder

Ruth B. Doyle*

Jan Eddy

Mary Ellen Beach Ela*

Daniel W. Erdman, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Joyce Erdman*

Roger Ervin

Collins Ferris*

Rose Ann Findlen

Rockne Flowers

W. Jerome Frautschi, Fundholder

Al Friedman, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Clayton Frink, Fundholder

Richard Garland*

Jac B. Garner, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Carol L. Genin*

Steve Mixtacki

Lynn O. Gilchrist

Enid Glenn, Legacy Society member

Terry L. Haller, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Ken Hanson

Roger P. Hauck, Fundholder*

Virginia M. Henderson, Fundholder

James J. Holt*

Arthur Hove*

Jerry F. Johnson

Augusta A. Julian

Lori Kay, Fundholder*

W. Robert Koch*

James Lang

John D. Larson

Michael Larson

Rich Lepping, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

2009 Board Members (L to R) Roger Ervin, Dave Reinecke, Gary Wolter, Clayton Frink

Theodore J. Long

Phyllis A. Lovrien, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Robert Lowes

Patrick J. Luby

Peter C. Lundberg, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Richard Lynch, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Norma C. Madsen, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

John A. Matthews

Pete Lundberg

Harold F. Mayer, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Steven B. Mixtacki, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Ellen Press Murdoch, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

George A. Nelson, Fundholder*

David Newby

Melany Stinson Newby, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Sonya Newenhouse

Merritt J. Norvell*

Robert Connor O'Malley*

Ismael Ozanne, Legacy Society member

Jeff Pertl

Richard Pire*

John M. Pollock

L to R: Former Board Member Rich Lynch, 2016-2019 Board President Diane Ballweg, MCF President Bob Sorge

Stan Prideaux

Melanie Ramey, Fundholder

David W. Reinecke, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Blaine Renfert, Fundholder

John S. Robison

Frank Ross

Audrey Ruiz De Chavez*

Gary L. Schaefer

Rick Searer

L to R: Roger Hauck, Kathleen Woit (Former MCF President), Tom Bolger

Joseph Sensenbrenner, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

Richard Sewell

Irving Shain*

Donna E. Shalala

Mary Ann Shaw

Toni Sikes

Beverly S. Simone, Fundholder

Carmen F. Skilton, Fundholder

2010 Board Members (L to R) Back row: Dave Reinecke, Clayton Frink, Gary Wolter, Darrell Bazzell and John Matthews; Middle row: Bill DeAtley, Pete Lundberg and Mary Burke; Front row: Former MCF President Kathleen Woit, Sonya Newenhouse, Martha Vukelich-Austin & Rich Lynch

Jerry Smith

John Spohn

Susan Springman

Martha A. Taylor, Fundholder, Legacy Society member 

Thomas E. Terry, Fundholder

Carol T. Toussaint, Fundholder, Legacy Society member

James Underkofler*

Francis Urschlitz

Sue Vilbrandt

Martha Vukelich-Austin, Legacy Society member

William R. Walker, Legacy Gift Realized*

William F. White, Legacy Society member

Mona Adams Winston, Fundholder

Gary J. Wolter, Fundholder

H. Edwin Young*