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Know Your Advisor

Michael Dubis, Financial Planning, LLC

“What does charity mean to you?”

That’s a simple question Mike Dubis asks clients to answer after their personal and family goals are met as part of their financial planning. The question frequently leads to a conversation about values, which evolves into an altruistic goal for the client.

“There’s so much good that comes from it,” says Dubis. “Anybody who is thinking about the future—it doesn’t matter their resources–they want the question to be asked.”

After the initial question, Dubis says the next step is a more engaging and ongoing discussion of the kind of charitable opportunities that are out there, and what causes are most important to them.

“My hope is that I’m listening really well so I can collaborate with others to help them be charitable directly or through their estate plan,” he says.

Collaborating with others is where Madison Community Foundation often plays a role. With the recent changes in tax law, Dubis is suggesting donor advised funds as a more attractive option than ever. While he has always appreciated their flexibility—a donor can work with MCF to update a charitable distribution plan at any time with a simple agreement—now donor advised funds are one of the most effective charitable giving tools for maximum tax benefits.

Dubis also recommends MCF as an option for donors who appreciate a local, hands-on approach to charitable giving.

“Madison Community Foundation is supportive and engaged. It’s not vague or abstract, some online account I set up,” he says. "MCF is for the folks who want to be connected to people who care about their community, making life valuable and positive for others.”

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