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Working With MCF

When we work with advisors at Madison Community Foundation, we start with two questions: what are your clients’ charitable goals and what is their time frame?

MCF complements your work with a deep knowledge of philanthropy, our community and the nonprofits that serve it. Our top priority is to make it easy for you to provide effective tools and expert advice on local philanthropic giving opportunities.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Together we identify the type of fund that will work best for your client’s charitable interests.
  2. Together we explore the most effective way to work with the assets your client would like to give.
  3. Your client starts a fund, gives to an existing fund or creates a plan to give through their estate.

The Right Type of Fund to Meet Your Clients’ Goals

At MCF, we offer a range of fund types to meet your clients’ immediate and long-term charitable giving goals:

  • Donor advised endowment, maximum giving or passthrough funds that allow your client to recommend grants to the organizations of their choice.
  • Designated funds to benefit one or more specific nonprofit organizations.
  • Field of interest funds that support an area of interest rather than a specific organization.
  • Community Impact and Priority funds, which support MCF’s annual grantmaking.
  • Scholarship funds, to provide support to students at any level in pursuing their education.

Our side-by-side comparison of the most common fund types can help your clients explore which might be the best fit for them.

Services That Support Your Clients’ Giving

MCF’s role in supporting your clients and their philanthropic goals isn’t limited to simply creating funds. Fundholders and donors at MCF benefit from:

  • Professional asset management.
  • Accounting and audit services.
  • Grantmaking assistance, due diligence and evaluation.
  • Succession planning options – your clients can name a successor advisor to their funds, or MCF can continue to make distributions according to their directions.

Whether you want to work directly with us to develop a charitable giving plan that integrates with your client’s larger financial or estate plan, or refer your client to us, you can feel confident we’ll provide them the help they need. We are here to assist you and your clients.

Madison Community Foundation is extremely well run; you can depend on it to help people meet their charitable goals.”

– Barbara Hughes, estate planning attorney

Planned Giving for Your Clients

When you work with MCF on your clients' planned giving, you can help them make a gift that will benefit the causes they care about for years to come

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Giving Options for Your Clients

MCF accepts a wide variety of assets, giving your clients a range of options for funding their charitable giving plans, now or through their estates. 

See MCF’s Giving Options