Say Yes!

Philanthropist Diane Ballweg reflects on her time as Chair of Madison Community Foundation’s Board of Governors

People regularly tell me, “Diane, you need to learn to say no!” 

However, I hold more clearly the friend who once told me, “Say yes as often as you can, because no doesn’t move you anywhere.”

Saying yes to serving on Madison Community Foundation's Board of Governors, and the honor of being Board Chair for the past two years, is an example of being moved. 

I am moved to see the positive work that positive people can accomplish. I am moved by the dedicated Board members who support the mission of MCF and give generously of their time, talent, treasure, and friendship.

I am moved by the variety of grants that make a lasting impact on lives and the environment, on creative arts and education. 

I am moved by the generosity and compassion of so many new Legacy Society members, who have included MCF in their estate planning, giving to future generations. 

I am moved by the directors and volunteers of so many outstanding nonprofits that contribute to the common good.

I am moved by the gratitude reflected on so many faces with so many smiles.

I am moved to focus on the positive and to make that my attitude, and not be driven by negative news and cynical beliefs.

Say yes. Do good. Be optimistic. Smile!

Diane Ballweg steps down as president of MCF's Board of Governors this month and will be succeeded by community leader Enid Glen. 

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