September 29, 2023

Get to Know Beth Hedges, MCF's New Accountant

Beth Hedges

Beth Hedges joined MCF in early September as our Accountant. Beth describes her new role as “performing the nitty gritty day-to-day activities, including depositing donations, processing the grant checks, paying the bills and making sure MCF’s employees get paid.” However, Beth’s role is far more vital to the organization than she makes it seem and we are grateful to have found someone with such robust experience in the nonprofit industry to join the team.

Beth holds a B.A. in Business from Covenant College and Master’s in accounting from University of Southern California. She spent the last five years in Atlanta, Georgia working for a national public accounting firm that specializes in nonprofit organizations. “I love the Madison area and the nonprofit sector, so getting to support the work of nonprofits in my home city brings me a lot of joy,” Beth commented. “It will be rewarding to see the impact on the city and know that my work has, in a way, contributed to the betterment of Madison.”

Beth is a native of Southcentral Wisconsin and recently moved back to the area to be closer to her family. She has been enjoying exploring Madison’s parks and food scene with her husband, Grant, and their two dogs since coming back to the Midwest. Beth says her favorite part of being back in the area is that “we’re surrounded by the lakes and don’t have far to drive to be in nature, but that we still have vibrant, walkable areas of the city with great food and entertainment.”

In her spare time, Beth enjoys reading, baking, Pilates, travel, soaking up the sun and has recently taken up running. She also values education and has started taking courses at Madison College. “Continued learning is important to me, so I’ve been taking a couple courses in psychology and chemistry, which I find academically interesting,” Beth explained.

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