Census 2020: Funding the Final Push for a Fair, Accurate, and Equitable Count

Census 2020

This opportunity only comes once every 10 years. The census determines where $1.5 trillion is spent on everything from health care to highways, housing and food assistance. It determines representation by elected officials to our government.

But people in vulnerable communities – children under the age of five, low-income renters, and people of color – often are undercounted and therefore under-represented and underserved. The COVID pandemic has increased the likelihood of undercounting these communities by making outreach work more difficult.

Earlier this year, MCF gave $10,000 to join with other local foundations, to fund census outreach at neighborhood community centers, and in August devoted another $40,000 to also include funding for outreach efforts by the Latino Workforce Academy, African American Council of Churches, and Freedom Inc. These agencies are rooted in traditionally undercounted communities, have widespread recognition and trust with communities of color, and are prepared for a strong final push to increase the census count.

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