July 14, 2021

Meet Caitlin Ryan, Donor Relations Manager

Caitlin Ryan family blog image

Caitlin Ryan joined MCF as Donor Relations Manager at the end of March, just in time to jump into planning the first-ever virtual Madison Gives event.

“As Donor Relations Manager, I work with people to help them have meaningful giving experiences at MCF,” Caitlin explained. “I guide people in discovering what type of charitable giving works best for them and provide support as they make their own impact through philanthropy. I also get to organize MCF events to bring people together and celebrate the impact of philanthropy in our community.”

While plunging directly into planning a major event while working remotely might have cause some people to wonder what they had gotten into, Caitlin never missed a stride. And as we emerge from the virtual world brought on by the pandemic, Caitlin is looking forward to getting to meet and work with more of MCF’s fundholders.

“I’m really inspired by seeing the wonderful side of people that drives them to give, and to witness them making an impact that’s meaningful to them,” Caitlin shared. “People come to MCF to do beautiful things with their philanthropy – whether that’s building a new dream together as a couple, creating a family culture of giving back, or carrying on the passionate work of loved ones. Every day I’m amazed by people and their wonderful generosity.”

Outside of work, Caitlin and her husband live in an old house in Stoughton with their three children and dog, Cheddar. Caitlin enjoys hiking and hunting for Monarch caterpillars to raise and release. She and her husband also appreciate being able to take advantage of all that the Madison area has to offer.

“My husband and I try to visit every new restaurant that opens in Madison. The arts and lakes are a close second, but I’m here to eat.”

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