FAQs for Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations on your scholarship! You can find the information you need to fulfill the requirements for your scholarship here.

Due Dates
July 1: Thank You Note

I was notified that I received a scholarship award. What happens next? 

Please make sure you have completed the following required documentation online in order to initiate the release of your scholarship payment to your school:

    • Email scholarships@madisongives.org with your name, scholarship award, student ID number, and college you are attending by July 1.
    • Send a thank you note to Madison Community Foundation. If you do not know the donor’s name please write to “Scholarship Donors.” MCF will forward the notes onto the donors. This is due by July 1.

Once we have received all the necessary information, we will mail a check directly to the school you are attending. Unless otherwise noted, the scholarship check will be sent mid-August for the fall semester and mid-January for the spring semester.

What do I need in the thank you note? 

You should write a thank you note on a quality sheet of paper or a card and addressed to the donor of the scholarship, which you can find in the original email you received from Madison Community Foundation. If the donor is anonymous or unknown please address your thank you to “Scholarship Donors.”

Thank the donors for the scholarship award you received, write a few sentences about yourself, which school you are attending and why, and anything else you’d like to write to show appreciation for being the recipient of the award. Be sure to sign your name. It is optional to include a graduation photo.

The card should be sent to:
Madison Community Foundation
Attn: Scholarships
111 N. Fairchild Street, Suite 260
Madison, WI 53703

Can a scholarship be paid directly to individuals?

No. A scholarship may only be paid to educational institutions in support of the recipient.

What expenses can I use the scholarship award for?

You can use the scholarship toward direct expenses: tuition, fees, books and school supplies.

Are scholarship awards taxable?

A scholarship award used for tuition, fees, books and supplies is not taxable. Any portion of the scholarship that is used for room and board or miscellaneous expenses is taxable. We recommend that students check with their college or tax accountant regarding this matter.

Will a scholarship affect a student’s financial aid package?

Financial aid packages may be adjusted to reflect scholarships other than those granted by the school. Usually a school will first use an outside scholarship to replace unmet needs, or reduce the amount of loans or work study before adjusting grants or scholarships. However, policies vary at each school and students should check with the Financial Aid Office at the school they are attending.

I have received a multi-semester scholarship, do I have to submit other paperwork?

Yes, all students receiving a multi-semester scholarship will need to submit documents after each completed semester which could include the following: transcript, class schedule and a progress letter. Please refer to your original email from MCF that you received when you were awarded the scholarship. If you change schools or addresses, please notify scholarships@madisongives.org right away.

I will not be attending this year, but plan to in the future, can I defer the scholarship?

If you need to defer your scholarship for any reason you will need prior approval from MCF. Please email scholarships@madisongives.org and provide: your name, current mailing and email addresses, name of scholarship, school the scholarship was awarded by, amount of award, school attending or planning to attend, and the reason and duration of deferment.

I’m taking ESL classes to prepare me for college transfer, am I still eligible to receive the award?

Please contact MCF at scholarships@madisongives.org to discuss deferring the scholarship. Please include: your name, current mailing and email addresses, name of scholarship, school the scholarship was awarded by, amount of award, and when you anticipate that you’ll transfer to college level courses.

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