Give Today and Make a Difference
in Our Community

Amplify the power of your gift by supporting MCF's Community Funds. Pooling your resources with those of other donors multiplies the impact you can have on the community.


Funds that distribute fully each year to capitalize on immediate opportunities

Priority Fund

Allows MCF the discretion to use the resources to meet its mission.


Enduring Support 

Permanent endowment funds to support the community each year in perpetuity

Community Impact Fund

Support MCF's grantmaking, focused in Arts and Culture; Community Development; Environment; Learning; and Nonprofit Capacity Building.


A Fund for Women

Provide grants to organizations helping women and girls thrive throughout Dane County.


Fund for Arts and Culture

Help maintain a thriving arts community and provide access to the arts for all Dane County residents.


Fund for Basic Needs/Social Services

Provide grants to organizations helping our neighbors achieve a healthy and stable quality of life.


Fund for Children and Youth

Support organizations working to provide children with opportunities to learn and grow.


Fund for Community Development

Help strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion for our neighborhoods and important community assets.


Fund for the Environment

Invest in nature education, restoration and conservation projects that protect Dane County's natural beauty.


Fund for the Elderly

Help seniors stay healthy and independent, and limit isolation.


Fund for Learning

Support tutoring and mentoring programs, alternative education and workforce development.


Fund for Nonprofit Capacity Building

Strengthen capacity, infrastructure and training for Dane County's more than 3,000 nonprofits.


MCF Admin Fund image

MCF’s Administrative Endowment Fund

Support MCF's operations and ensure its financial stability for years to come.


 To make a gift to your named fund or any other fund, use our Fund Search