Supporting Women and Girls

Jennifer Seeker Conroy & Tim Conroy

Jennifer and Tim Conroy

Jennifer Seeker Conroy knows first-hand the value that comes from women supporting other women. 

As the current chair of the Advisory Committee for A Fund for Women (AFFW), she sees it in the work she does to carry out the vision of the Fund's founders. That's why, when she and her husband Tim Conroy recently became Legacy Society members, they named AFFW's endowment fund as the recipient of their legacy gift. 

"AFFW's endowment fund is an investment in the women and girls in Dane County. Imagine what our community would be like if every girl could reach her potential," Jennifer says. "I see our legacy gift as a vote for that vision." 

"When we were just starting our careers and our family, we were very focused on our immediate needs," Jennifer explains. "Now that we've reached the middle of our careers and our kids have gotten older, we've started to think about what we want to contribute to the world. Committing to a legacy gift helped us clarify what is important to us now and as our legacy.

"AFFW's endowment fund has grown from an initial pool of $100,000 in 1993 to $3 million today. "That nest egg offers support to programs that help women and girls," she explained. "And the more we build that pool, the greater good we can do every year." 

Jennifer and Tim offer this advice: "You can support women and girls, particularly of under-represented populations, in small and large ways. By standing up and speaking out when your voice is louder than theirs. By living your life as a mentor and a role model. And by investing your gifts both during your lifetime and after you're gone." 

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