Leaving a Legacy for Women Artists

Brenda Baker and Dean Gore, Bird Ross and Tom Loeser

It started with a dream. Two friends -- Brenda Baker and Bird Ross -- collaborated on an art project celebrating the state capitol's 100th anniversary in 2017. "Being Forward" was more than an art project – it called attention to gender inequities in the arts, and explored the history and contemporary practice of women’s philanthropy in the visual arts.

Baker and Ross wanted to create opportunities to recognize, support and honor women artists and their contributions to our community. And the Women Artists Forward Fund was born.

Today the fund gives out two $10,000 unrestricted art prizes to women in the visual arts each year. But Baker and Ross imagine a future in which the fund could do even more. That future possibility is why Baker and her husband Dean Gore, and Ross and her husband Tom Loeser, have chosen to designate legacy gifts to the Women Artists Forward Fund as part of their estate planning.

Learn more about the legacy they hope to leave for women artists in this video.

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