Starting a Donor Designated Fund

Indian Lakes, one of the premier county parks in the state, is one of the many outdoor recreation areas supported by the Friends of Dane County Parks Endowment.

A Donor Designated Fund provides a permanent stream of income to specific charitable organizations—forever. The funds are used for general operations or a specific program to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for their charities of choice.

You can start a donor designated fund with a minimum of $15,000. Donor designated funds are an important tool for charities to broaden their financial base and attract donors who wish to support their work long-term. If the charity changes its mission or type of service, or if it dissolves, MCF directs fund distributions to a comparable organization to ensure that your charitable giving continues to do the work you intended.

Key Benefits of Starting a Donor Designated Fund:

  • The organization you specify benefits from your fund—forever.
  • Madison Community Foundation can redirect the distributions should the specified organization change its mission or cease to exist.
  • The organization that you designate will be monitored by MCF to ensure that the fund distributions are being used properly.
  • Anyone can make a contribution to a donor designated fund. The funds grow over time with contributions and investment returns.
  • Designated funds can accept donations of may types of assets, including stock and real estate.