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Director of Donor Engagement

The Director of Donor Engagement works with individuals and professional advisors to help develop and support plans for giving today and through estates. This position will also be responsible for helping nonprofit leaders establish and grow endowments. This role requires excellent listening, written, interpersonal and verbal communications abilities (including public speaking), refined customer-service skills, a high attention to detail, strong planning, organization and project management skills, working knowledge of tools and strategies for giving and gift planning, and excellent teamwork abilities. Click here to learn more and to apply.


MCF Mission

To enhance the common good through philanthropy


Greater Madison will be a vibrant and generous place where all people thrive


  • Integrity – We create trust by acting with transparency.
  • Generosity – We inspire giving to improve our world.
  • Effectiveness – We identify opportunities, align actions and produce results.
  • Permanence – We build endowments to create a legacy for the future.
  • Equity - We advance fairness, inclusion and respect.


The MCF workplace is a supportive, interdependent, dynamic environment where staff members seek to help each other succeed and connect people for the common good.


MCF is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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