Guide to Grantee Communications

Madison Community Foundation's photographer captured images of a recent grant in action at Bayview Community Center to share on our website and social media.

Congratulations! Madison Community Foundation is honored to support your organization and ongoing work to build stronger communities in Dane County.

We encourage you to seize this opportunity to raise awareness about your programs and your organization. 

A grant from Madison Community Foundation also marks the beginning of a partnership. Your story is our story. It is an occasion for MCF to acknowledge our donors and let them know how their gifts are being used to improve the quality of life in our community.

MCF publicizes grants and grant stories through media relations, social media, publications, and our website. We encourage you to share pictures or videos of programs and events, success stories, or any other newsworthy items so we can promote partnerships to make Dane County a better place. Please email any of these items to

10 Ways to Communicate Your Grant

Receiving a grant can be a perfect time to communicate with your staff, leadership, volunteers, donors, participants, and the media.


  1. Celebrate with staff—they’ll help spread the good news through their own channels and circles of influence.
  2. Tell your community—post the news on your website, social media (make sure to tag us@!), and in other publications. (Use the MCF logo when appropriate and send us a high-resolution version of your logo.)
  3. Send an editorial or press release to the media sharing the grant’s impact on the community.
  4. Send a letter or email to supporters, board members, and friends highlighting the grant’s purpose and value.
  5. Host a reception or open house for the community to help celebrate your award.
  6. Use it as a development spark to approach existing or potential donors.
  7. Include the grant as an item on your next board meeting agenda.
  8. Create a flyer specific to the project and highlight the grant funding.
  9. Send us great photography/videography: We often use high-quality photos and videos of grants in action, their impact, etc.
  10. Invite us to grant-related events—we can help spread the word through our channels, assign photographers/videographers to capture the event, and more.

Tips for Effective Media Communication

Building a solid and ongoing relationship and fruitful interactions with the media is an important strategy for effective communications.


  • Focus your message. The receipt of a grant may not be interesting to people in and of itself. Instead, identify the one, single most important benefit of the grant to your organization and the community. Pull out three key points that support that one benefit. Use that information to focus and tell your story.
  • Keep it simple (and understanding). Reporters and editors are busy, so try to communicate your message quickly and directly. Tell them your story using your key points, offer a human interest angle, suggest ideas for photography, and share your thoughts on why their audience might be interested. If it doesn’t work out this time, don’t give up. Call again when you have other news to share.
  • Stay away from jargon or acronyms. This can be especially difficult when sharing certain kinds of information, but it’s essential to connect with your audience.

When submitting a press release, please include this boilerplate description: Madison Community Foundation's mission is to enhance the common good through philanthropy. Community Impact grants, made possible by donors who support the Community Impact Fund, invest nearly $2 million each year in learning, arts and culture, community development, environment, and nonprofit capacity building. To learn more, visit

Social Media Best Practices

When in doubt, ACT (an acronym to use as a guide for posts)


Ask: Ask yourself who your audience is and who would be interested in the post. Are you engaging with that audience? Does the content of your post appeal to that audience?

Create: Create a post that is clearly communicated. Read it out loud to be sure. Also, make sure the content is concise, words are spelled correctly and the post shows your personality/voice.

Tag: Tagging companies or social influencers helps make connections and gives your post more impressions. Be sure to use the “@” symbol before a name to allow the option to tag.

Guidelines for Acknowledging Madison Community Foundation

We encourage you to acknowlege Madison Community Foundation on any materials related to your grant with the following language:


This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from Madison Community Foundation.

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