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Madison Community Foundation is committed to building nonprofit capacity and serving as a community resource.

Webinar: Policy and Advocacy for Out-of-School-Time

Advocacy is a critical part of every nonprofit’s work. For organizations to achieve their mission and vision, they need supportive public policies and often some form of public funding to support their work. To help nonprofits understand the importance of advocacy, how to get started, and what it takes to be successful, MCF hosted a webinar with advocacy expert Jennifer Peck. Through her leadership at the Partnership for Children and Youth, Jennifer has spent over two decades building a coalition to transform the funding and policy landscape in California, helping to generate billions of dollars in funding for out-of-school-time (OST) organizations across the state. While there are lessons here specific to OST work, many of the insights apply to any nonprofit field. This webinar was co-hosted by Nathan Beck of Madison-Area Out-of-School Time and Rebecca Carlin of the Wisconsin Youth Company. You can also learn more about Jennifer’s work by reading “The Long Game: How One Afterschool Intermediary Organization and Its Partners Shaped Policy, Practice, and Perception in California,” a report published by the Wallace Foundation.

Webinar: Theories of Action and Logic Models for Program Evaluation

Capturing and communicating all the moving parts in complex community initiative can be a challenge. Madison Community Foundation hosted a webinar with Annalee Good and Anthony Hernandez from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research to help nonprofit organizations understand two tools for making the components of an initiative and their relationship to one another explicit. These tools can also be used to help funders deepen their understanding of community issues and strategies for change.

Webinar: Introduction to Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation

Evaluation is critical for understanding the impact of nonprofit work, but it can often feel like burdensome paperwork generation, superficial number crunching, or even exploitative data collection. How can evaluation be done in more meaningful and equitable ways? Madison Community Foundation hosted a webinar with Annalee Good and Anthony Hernandez from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research to help answer this question using an approach called Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE). This approach can be effective for nonprofits, funders and community members alike to learn about what’s really going on and be a mechanism for pursuing social change and justice.

Webinar: Philanthropy and the African American Community

According to a report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, nearly 2/3 of all African American households donate to charitable causes, and African American donors give 25% more of their income annually than their white counterparts. Angela Davis, Development Director at Madison Community Foundation, moderates a panel that explores philanthropy and the African American community in this webinar hosted by the Wisconsin Association of Charitable Gift Planners and sponsored by Madison Community Foundation.

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