Pictures of women and girls to celebrate AFFW's 30th anniversary

A Fund for Women

A Fund for Women brings people together to support the women and girls of our community in reaching their full potential.

At the heart of A Fund for Women's mission to transform Dane County so that all women and girls thrive are two basic activities: fundraising and grantmaking. Since 1993, when a visionary group of original donors raised $100,000 to start an endowment fund, A Fund for Women has provided 179 grants totaling more than $2 million to provide women of our community with educational and economic advancement, safe havens and housing, and family-supporting careers. When we empower women and girls, we improve the world.

Why Give to A Fund for Women

  • Build the culture of women’s philanthropy
  • Empower women and girls to reach their potential
  • Inspire all women to help women

As a permanent endowment, A Fund for Women has grown over decades through gifts large and small from people who care about these issues. Investing in women is a proven pathway to economic security for families in Dane County, and our current grantmaking program supports women and girls throughout their financial life cycle. Your gifts support area women and girls as they strive to earn a living, save resources, and invest wisely in themselves, their families and their futures.

Partnering for Impact

  • A Fund for Women partners with Madison Community Foundation to manage nearly $4 million in assets. These resources are pooled and invested with all of MCF's assets for long-term growth.
  • Guided by community volunteers, A Fund for Women’s annual grantmaking program targets the most proven and promising programs with the potential to deliver the highest impact. And, as a giving partner of MCF, more of every dollar raised can be used in grantmaking.
  • A Fund for Women thoroughly reviews applications and always strives to use donors’ resources wisely.
  • Grant recipients submit program evaluations halfway through and at the end of the grant period. A Fund for Women uses the information to assess its own grantmaking effectiveness as well as prioritize and plan future fundraising and grantmaking efforts.
It’s time to move beyond conversations and create real and lasting change for Dane County women and girls. When women thrive, everybody wins.”
- Therese Gulbransen, donor, Past Chair, A Fund for Women

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