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About Lodi Area Community Endowment

LACE was founded in 2009 by a group of seven local citizens to:

  • Preserve and enhance our community’s proud legacy of cultural, educational and environmental gifts;
  • Create the financial and legal framework to facilitate local philanthropy and strengthen our community.

LACE’s mission is to provide charitable resources that will enrich the greater Lodi community for present and future generations. Resources from LACE will be available for educational and civic projects within the geographical boundaries of the School District of Lodi.

Residents, alumni and anyone with an interest in the greater Lodi area is encouraged to make contributions to the endowment fund. All contributions are held in perpetuity to provide an ongoing resource. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Initial grants will be distributed when the endowment reaches a sufficient level to generate meaningful awards.  

LACE Advisory Committee

2018 LACE Board L to R: Mary Cable, Paul Johnson, Heidi Ness, Lori Statz, Bill Haupt, Peter Tonn and grant team member Bob Steiner

If you have questions about LACE, please contact:

Paul Johnson, Chair
(608) 286-7210                                  

Katherine Casey
(608) 408-9660

Bill Dalrymple

Joe Jelinek

Geoff Lorenz                                

Heidi Ness
(608) 287-6111             

Lori Statz
(608) 712-0944         

Peter Tonn

LACE Grant Team

Jerry Mabis

Heidi Ness
(608) 287-6111             

Lori Statz
(608) 712-0944         

Bob Steiner

Madison Community Foundation Staff Liaison

Angela R. Davis, Development Director
(608) 232-1763


$150,000 Challenge: We Met Our Goal!

In January, 2018, LACE began a two-year challenge grant sponsored by Madison Community Foundation (MCF). With the challenge grant, if LACE raised $100,000 by December 31, 2019, MCF would contribute an additional $50,000 to the LACE Endowment Fund.

The LACE Board is extremely happy to notify all of our donors that we have successfully met the challenge. In fact, with the generous donations from long-time donors and new donors alike, LACE raised more than $120,000 during the two-year period. MCF deposited $30,000 to the LACE fund at the beginning of 2019, and now that the challenge grant has been successfully completed, MCF will donate another $20,000 to the LACE fund in early 2020.

The LACE Board would like to extend its heartfelt thanks one more time to every donor, big or small, that contributed to help us meet the challenge, which has doubled our fund. Our next goal is to increase our donor base so that LACE can continue to contribute to the greater Lodi community.

Our donors are generously giving so LACE can continue to give to the community.

American Legion Post No. 216 worked with LACE to complete the restoration of the hall and kitchen. The building was constructed in the late 19th century. The LACE Board saw the vision in the project and the value to the greater community. The financial assistance they provided was instrumental in completing this project for the community. LACE is an organization that can work with you to make your vision of the community become reality.”

–Paul Fisk, American Legion Post 216

What Can I Give to LACE?

LACE accepts a wide variety of cash and non-cash assets via Madison Community Foundation.


Planned Giving

Leave a legacy to Lodi Area Community Endowment in your will or estate plan.