Portage Area Community Fund

The vision of Portage Area Community Fund (PACF) is that Portage and the surrounding area will continue to build on its history by embracing the future through its thoughtful and giving citizens.

PACF was established in 2016 with the goal to bring awareness to philanthropy in the community. Annually the advisory committee will award grants to qualified organizations in the Portage area. PACF is a regional giving partner of Madison Community Foundation (MCF), which provides access to field expertise, administrative and investment services, marketing opportunities and legal status in an efficient and effective manner. 

PACF is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all citizens in the Portage area through raising private and community funds, awarding grants, and developing partnerships to strengthen and enrich our community for present and future generations. All contributions to PACF are tax deductible.

Common Questions

What is an Endowment?

And endowment is a permanent asset that is invested to provide returns, which are used to support charitable causes. The fund grows over time providing resources for current and future generations.

Why Should You Give?

  • You will keep the focus local for a community that you love
  • You will build community spirit
  • You will help to improve the quality of life in the Portage area
  • You will be building a better community for future generations
  • You will help create a lasting legacy for you, your family, and the community
  • You will receive personal fulfillment

How Does it Work?

  • Donors make tax deductible donations to PACF
  • Gifts are held in a separate fund dedicated to support the Portage area in perpetuity
  • PACF funds are invested for long-term growth
  • PACF Advisory Committee selects local organizations annually to receive grants

Who is Eligible for Grants?

PACF will accept grant applications from qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations and governmental bodies. Key interest areas include: civic and cultural enrichment, natural and historic preservation, parks and recreation, community development, youth and educational resources, and the needs of the community in the Portage area.

Who Selects Recipients?

The PACF Advisory Committee is comprised of residents from the Portage area. Committee members receive no compensation and are eligible to serve up to two consecutive terms. The Committee reviews applications annually and recommends grant awards.

How Can I Give?

Madison Community Foundation can accept a wide variety of assets on behalf of PACF: Cash, check, credit cards and electronic funds transfers (EFT) Legacy gifts of life insurance, IRAs, retirement accounts, and charitable gift annuities (CGA) Securities Real estate and other assets

What Can I Give to PACF?

PACF accepts a wide variety of cash and non-cash assets via Madison Community Foundation.


Planned Giving

Leave a legacy to PACF in your will or estate plan.