About Madison Community Foundation

The mission of Madison Community Foundation is to enhance the common good through philanthropy.

Created in 1942 as Madison Community Trust, MCF helps people do their charitable giving their way, to causes they care about most. By starting an endowment fund or giving to an existing fund, donors become catalysts for good today and for generations to come.

As the community’s foundation, MCF is unique in its deep knowledge of the community, objective evaluation of charitable causes, expertise in charitable giving, and commitment to permanent, sustainable philanthropy. Together with donors and nonprofits, MCF strives to help the Madison area become a vibrant and generous place where we help each other thrive.

From May 2017 to May 2018, MCF celebrated its 75th anniversary as a trusted steward of the community’s good will, a permanent source of giving for donors, and a model of sustainability. Two major initiatives, the 75th Anniversary Year of Giving and a campaign to welcome more than 100 new Legacy Society members, shined a light on the impact of donor generosity and the unique natural and cultural assets of our community. 

MCF is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) community trust, as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Endowment fund assets are invested in either a broadly diversified or socially responsive portfolio. Charitable distributions can be made to any charity throughout the United States, and can benefit people and support charitable causes close to home and around the world.

About Community Foundations

Community foundations are charitable organizations created through gifts from people who care about a particular community or geographic area. At MCF, over 90% of gifts go into endowed funds. Endowments are permanent funds. Anyone can contribute any amount of money to a community foundation, which invests these gifts for growth and income. A community foundation then makes grants that strengthen their community. Any individual, business or qualified charity can start an endowment fund, which is managed by their community foundation in perpetuity, meaning that gifts made to it will continue to grow and provide resources for their own community forever.

Today, nearly 800 U.S. community foundations collectively grant more than $6.5 billion each year and manage more than $82 billion in charitable assets, according to the Community Foundations Public Awareness Initiative.

Madison Community Foundation is helping to bring our vision as a school district to life.”
- Jennifer Cheatham, Superintendent, Madison Metropolitan School District

Giving at MCF

We're always here to help you support the causes you care about most now and forever.


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MCF is here to help you do your giving, your way, to the causes and communities you care about most.