Apply for a CAE Grant

At the CAE Celebration of Philanthropy event, President Henry St. Maurice recognized Ilse Esveld, President of the Columbus Fall / River Rotary Club, recipient of a 2017 CAE grant to support Project WASH water-education projects in Columbus and Fall River schools.

CAE grants are limited to institutions that serve the people of the Columbus Wisconsin area with non-profit status.

2018 Grant Reports and 2019 Grant Applications are due by
July 31, 2019

CAE does not fund endowments, loans or re-grant programs, multi-year commitments, religious activities, individuals or groups without a 501(c)(3) designation, other foundations, organizations that practice discrimination, political activities or travel expenses.

Read more about CAE's grantmaking program, or click here [PDF] to download the application. 

Types of Grants

  • General support grants that provide financial support to the organization’s overall mission and budget
  • Program grants that support new programs or expansion of existing programs that have a track record of success
  • Capital grants that support construction or purchase of facilities, land, vehicles, or equipment

Examples of Grants 

  • $250 Columbus Community Hospital Foundation
  • $250 Columbus Area Senior Center
  • $250 Columbus Club House
  • $250 Columbus Fireman’s Service Corporation

Grant Guidelines

  • Grants generally range from $100-$2,000
  • CAE oversees one grant cycle per year
  • Grant recipients may not apply for a second grant  within 12 months of receipt of a grant
  • CAE does not practice legacy grants, which support the same program year after year
  • Grant recipients must submit a final report before consideration for future grants

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