Madison Community Foundation Presents A Year of Giving

MCF is thrilled to celebrate its 75th Anniversary from May 2017 to May 2018.

As part of the yearlong activities, MCF is making a series of major Community Impact grants that celebrate and strengthen our community’s unique assets, and discover and highlight future opportunities. Click here to for monthly grant announcments!

MCF will give a major gift every month for a year to celebrate 75 years of giving.

Here’s a sneak preview of the surprises in store!

  1. What’s made of white granite, and sits at the top of the hill on Madison’s isthmus, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2017?
  2. For what recreational activity has Madison received a Platinum designation?
  3. Apart from Blue Mounds, Dane County has more of these than any other place in North America.

Bringing People Together

Throughout 2017 and beyond, MCF will continue to do what it’s done for decades – bring people together to give gifts and create legacies for the community they love. These will strengthen our community today, tomorrow and for generations to come, providing transformational grants for arts to flourish, land to be protected, nonprofits to innovate, and residents of all ages to thrive. Join the mission- add your voice to our story. We have many more chapters to write.

Madison Community Foundation’s support will allow us to dramatically increase our work with the middle and high schools we serve and enable more people of all ages to become entrepreneurs,” says Sector67 founder Chris Meyer. “The Madison community trusts MCF to fund projects with the greatest potential, and we are honored they value and support our mission.”

– Chris Meyer, founder, Sector67

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