Madison Public Market Embraces Community Pride and Cultural Expression

Digital Rendering of Public Market Market

The Madison Public Market is slated to open early 2025. Transforming the former Fleet Building at the corner of First Street and East Johnson Street, the Public Market “promises to be an iconic and beloved multicultural gathering place for every member of the Madison community,” explained James Shulkin, Artist and Chief Brand Officer of the Madison Public Market Foundation.

The Foundation estimates that the Public Market will attract more than 500,000 visitors every year, support 100 new and existing local businesses, and generate $16 million annually.

While the Public Market will showcase a wide variety of foods and agricultural products, its goals go beyond just the vendors. The Market’s wants to become a cultural center as well — and MCF’s grant to support art at the Market is part of that plan.

“Artwork will make the Market a welcoming space filled with interactive, dynamic artwork that celebrates the people, cultures and ecology of Madison’s past, present and future,” Shulkin explained. The Market will showcase local and regional artists in six exterior installations and eight interior installations with the goal of uplifting Indigenous, Black, Hmong and Latinx artists.

“Artwork and paid work for a dozen artists will support the important equity and inclusivity goals of the market,” Shulkin said.“It is our intention to increase community pride and cultural expression.”

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